March 6, 2022 – Interesting times in Montreal. There’s an old saying I prescribe to. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem. Montreal clearly was not truly a Stanley Cup final team last year. They got lucky with two of their opponents losing star players. TheirContinue Reading

JANUARY 7, 2022 – GM Ken Holland has to be feeling the pressure. He gambled with the Duncan Keith trade and the signing of Zach Hyman & Cody Ceci while not truly addressing the team’s goaltending issues. The team jumped out to a great start, but now are 2-6-2 inContinue Reading

September 7, 2021 – Cap & asset management are critical in today’s NHL. This week we have seen Habs GM Marc Bergevin lose a 3rd overall pick for a 1st and 3rd round pick. Cleary the drafting and development of KK was an error. A bad pick for #3 overallContinue Reading

September 5, 2021 – The saga of Jesper Kokowhatchamacalhim is over for Habs fans. Another failed franchise pick. When you draft in the top 5 that’s the deal in the cap age. Those players have to have important long term impacts. While yours truly refers to KK as Lars EllerContinue Reading

AUGUST 26, 2021 – Weird things happen in Hockey. The sad prevailing philosophy of the great franchise known as the Montreal Canadians is to “make the playoffs”. Anything can happen. Well it did happen last year. Through misfortune to opposition that no Vegas odds maker would account for the HabsContinue Reading

July 31, 2021 – With Covid-19 impacting the globe it’s no surprise that it would impact the hockey world. Choosing all the way down at 31st the Habs either could trade up; dump the pick, or go all in and draft Logan Mailloux who normally would not be available atContinue Reading

JULY 25, 2021 – The ultimate goal in any professional team sport at the highest level is ultimate victory. The Habs had a taste this year by fumbling into the final before being blown out of the water by the defending Champs. Now with word that Shea Weber may beContinue Reading

July 8, 2021 – What a wild ride this season has been. There’s been some good, but more bad ultimately. The Free Agent pick ups worked out really well. Sadly, some of those character guys that GM Marc Bergevin built this time around kinda punked out. This edition of theContinue Reading

JUNE 29, 2021 – I turned off game 1 right after the first goal. I’d seen enough and hoped that the team could turn it around. You see, as the NHL’s first analytics guru for the Habs back in the 90’s you learn things. What I saw was Tampa layingContinue Reading

JUNE 1, 2021 – When your GM shows up at the game looking like a low rent gay porn star fluffer from the 70’s you know you’re going to win, and that’s exactly what the Montreal Canadiens did. Somehow. Did the Habs win or Leafs lose? There is a difference.Continue Reading

MAY 30, 2021 – The Habs allowed 2500 rabid fans to attend game six of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs which was a cathartic celebration for those who have endured the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it wasn’t a high risk US style move. It was a reward forContinue Reading

MAY 15, 2021 – It’s that time of year. This year should be more interesting with more local rivalries and teams having played each other much more than normal. As well the wear and tear of the season will have an impact on teams as injuries and fatigue may showContinue Reading

APRIL 26, 2021 – It’s been a frustrating time for Habs fans. Yes, we will make the play offs. We might even win a round before getting crushed out because the team, while improved, still hasn’t addressed its core issues, but there are 31 teams this season and only oneContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 26, 2021 – Remember the Sens being in a long play off run and seats being empty? Remember that exposed mess of players trashing a coach? Ottawa Sens owner Eugene Melnyk has been tire fired an awful lot and put into place a clear game plan of dumping salaryContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – This is not a rumour. This is not based on chatting with insiders. This is from the NHL’s first Analytics and statographer, your truly, after analyzing the Habs situation during this season and seeing a window for team advancement with the hiring of the team’s newContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 24, 2021 – When you’ve watched and worked in hockey as long as yours truly has you develop instincts. My instinct since very early of Carey Price’s career is that he would never win in Montreal. Carey is a great goalie, but to win in Montreal you need toContinue Reading

January 14, 2021 – What can a Habs fan say? Their high priced goalie failed badly and allowed the Leafs to stay in a game they weren’t really in or deserved to win. Toronto outshot the Habs 34-32 on a strong second period. 🚨 JOSH ANDERSON – 2ND OF THEContinue Reading

While different economies are recovering, the gaming sector which was in pole position to handle the challenges of the health crisis is considering the long term advantages and challenges of working remotely and flexibly. No factor has driven remote working in recent years like the health crisis. Millions of businessesContinue Reading

Gaming commissions are in charge of gaming regulations. Each region in Canada has its gambling agency that looks at the betting affairs. It is a fact that these gaming agencies are created to monitor, issue, and regulate all betting operations in the country. This article will discuss extensively all informationContinue Reading

The Dallas Stars are headed to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 20 years, accomplishing the feat by taking down one of the short-odds-on favorites to win the Stanley Cup: Las Vegas Golden Knights. “I’ve been in a couple of rinks where we’ve clinched to go toContinue Reading

Right now Hab fans have to be wondering about owner Geoff Molson? Either he’s calling the shots and Bergy is a puppet, or he’s simply letting a really really really bad GM ruin a legendary franchise. No playoffs and bad blood equal less cash. It makes no sense for thisContinue Reading

2019 was an amazing year of online entertainment. We saw so many great new memes, viral videos from communities like TikTok, the final season of Game of Thrones, and some interesting new technology like the Tesla Cybertruck. With all of that excitement in 2019, let’s take a look at someContinue Reading

Well it’s better than trading away a first round draft pick for some other team’s dogs breakfast. Montreal, in the middle of a massive free fall in the standings during it’s 8 game losing streak have called up hot rookie Cayden Primeau, a 7th round draft pick and son ofContinue Reading