TODAY I HAD MY EYES OPENED WIDE! What I witnessed during my 4+hour stay in the Cornwall Hospital Acute Care Emergency Department this afternoon, gave me a new respect for appreciation for hard working and dedicated medical staff. I was able to witness their frustration, yet dedication, treating critically illContinue Reading

Dear Editor, “Facemasks don’t work; they do nothing”… according to a Walmart security person on duty at the Ninth Street Walmart store in Cornwall, Ontario, on Friday afternoon, December 18th 2020. This alternate fact was shared by a Walmart contracted security person while he intervened in a verbal exchange betweenContinue Reading

We thank our nurses. During the past week, Canada celebrated National Nursing Week. Coinciding with the birthday of the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale, the event this year also marked her 200th birthday.   Our daily quality of life depends on nurses in community health, long term care, homeContinue Reading

Dear Editor, Here’s the problem… People are saying if I get the virus, I get it, and they’re not exercising caution… they are arses and may not know it, so maybe it’s time they heard why. Example overheard today… A Cornwall teacher plans on extending a Caribbean holiday to takeContinue Reading

Dear Editor, From shortly after midnight, and into the early hours of March 6, 2020, the Diamond Princess evacuees hope to leave the Cornwall Nav Centre quarantine facility and take back their lives. And if we’ve dodged a bullet, it’s chiefly because nobody was infected to start with, and itContinue Reading

CFN has some amazing viewers. This was submitted today and already sent to council. If you don’t want NAV to be used as a Quarantine site please email council as well as our MPP and MP. Please copy and paste this letter and fill their in boxes! jim.mcdonell@pc.ola.orgContinue Reading

Dear Editor, Does Canada have the resources to lock down a population of millions in a half dozen cities? Does Ontario have the wherewithal to build a couple of 1000 bed hospitals in two weeks? Does any public safety authority have the gumption to institute an aggressive screening and trackingContinue Reading

Editor’s Note. Mike was born in Cornwall. Went off for his career, and attempted to retire to Cornwall having purchased a home in Riverdale. Hi Jamie. I thought I should make it official for you. I am no longer a resident of Cornwall. Before I trash them I should giveContinue Reading

Water Meters: OK what makes Cornwall so unique to have one of the highest water consumption per capita in all of Canada (ref.: Based on the city’s research, people across Canada use about 250 liters of water per person per day while in Cornwall it’s about 450 liters.”). How wasContinue Reading