AUGUST 15, 2021 – When I started CFN back in February of 2009 I never, ever, expected to see it evolve the way it did. I expected to build a small, local newspaper which focused on our community in a refreshing Gonzo way. I had been taught that journalism wasContinue Reading

July 13, 2021 – When you run your business like crap and there’s a nearby option it should be no surprise when people flock to it. Several developers, small and large, spoke with CFN. They shared horror stories and some laughed at the thought of doing business in Cornwall. HighContinue Reading

Reasons Why Student Involvement in Politics Is a Smart Move Does student participation in politics have any impact on their lives? Most people have debated over this simple question, with others opposing it while others were defending the position of students in politics. Ultimately, students benefit a lot from involvingContinue Reading

May 25, 2021 –The Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA) is calling on the Federal and Provincial Governments to lead the way by creating recovery solutions and a phased-in approach. OBIAA says that by creating a phased strategy, we can begin to create balance – a balance which includes physical, mental andContinue Reading

APRIL 20, 2021 – Like most things related to politicians disappointment is the usual result. Other media will put the party spin out and highlight the smoke, but the bottom line is that if you are a public servant you’re rocking, but if you’re part of the working class whoContinue Reading

APRIL 11, 2021 – Okay. Okay. Let me tell this story or at least the germ of it.  About five years ago. At the time, I was what, fifty-eight, fifty-nine, fifty something? I had lost it all.  Again. For what, the fifth, sixth time? Very nice. My last five-year plan led toContinue Reading

JANUARY 27, 2021 – SD&G area Paralegal James Moak of has been nominated for the inaugural Paralegal award by the Carleton County Law Association. (CCLA) Mr. Moak has been very busy, even through this pandemic, as his Kingston and Ottawa offices have been expanding. He also spearheaded what isContinue Reading

Ontario’s Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, recently released her annual report, causing a political backlash from government officials being called out on mismanagement, lack of proper oversight, misuse of taxpayer dollars, and much more. It seems that some years, this audit of the provincial government truly shocks Canadians with scandal, butContinue Reading

While different economies are recovering, the gaming sector which was in pole position to handle the challenges of the health crisis is considering the long term advantages and challenges of working remotely and flexibly. No factor has driven remote working in recent years like the health crisis. Millions of businessesContinue Reading

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 – Politicians and media have a strange way of explaining the ways that Oranges can fly. They really do. One of the positive things about COVID was CERB. The Trudeau government made a choice that put cash in the hands of many that truly needed it inContinue Reading

AUGUST 7, 2020 – Premier Doug Ford and Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, issued the following statement on the U.S.-imposed tariffs on Canadian aluminum imports: “We are disappointed that the U.S. has re-imposed tariffs on imports of aluminum products from Canada, particularly at a timeContinue Reading

For the purposes of this order, businesses include any-for-profit, non-profit or other entity providing the goods and services described herein. This does not preclude the provision of work and services by entities not on this list either online, by telephone or by mail/delivery. Note that teleworking and online commerce are permittedContinue Reading

It’s funny how a single word can potentially have such a large meaning. News of two facilities shutting down and Loblaws creating an automated distribution centre here has many asking how many jobs will be created in Cornwall and where will those employees be coming from as Cornwall has aContinue Reading