October 13, 2021 – On Thanksgiving weekend, we were treated to a Globe and Mail story on the virtues of Chrystia Freeland. It was interesting timing come as it did as the Prime Minister prepares for a cabinet shuffle amid reports of some Liberals mulling over the idea that perhapsContinue Reading

OCTOBER 11, 2021 – What would Thanksgiving be without a Trudeau photo op? Of course, this time he chose to introduce an Afghan refugee family to one of our Canadian traditions. Under normal circumstances it would warrant a yawn from the public, but this time it is different. Trudeau isContinue Reading

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 – As we enter the final week of our pandemic election, here is some advice from an old political pro- take a deep breath and relax. Do your own research. Dig deep, ignore the media hype. The media will push poll after poll at you- after allContinue Reading

AUGUST 13, 2021 – With an election call expected any day now, expect the opposition parties to continue their whining about it being unnecessary. It doesn’t really matter what these parties say publicly, very few Canadians are paying attention. We are all too busy getting our lives back to normal.Continue Reading

JULY 29, 2021 – The Green Party still doesn’t get it. You can’t be successful and win elections or even get MPs elected when you are continually and publicly stabbing your leader in the back. Sorry folks, but that is a recipe for disaster, especially when an election is weeksContinue Reading

JULY 25, 2021 – The Blame Game Has Started. The potential for an election call has given rise to the usual blame game- as in you are using taxpayer funds to pay friends or give them contracts. It is great fun for political staff to play this game and onceContinue Reading

JUNE 28, 2020 – The political silly season has arrived. The House of Commons is shut for the summer and the Senate will do the government bidding in spite of their phony declarations of independence.  With rumours of an election call, let’s take a quick look at the parties. Liberals:Continue Reading

MAY 5, 2021 – Today, a Conservative motion demanding the Prime Minister fire his Chief of Staff over the Vance issue was defeated in the House of Commons by a vote of 209 to 122. Thank goodness! Who dreams up this stuff for the Conservatives- please tell us their nameContinue Reading

MARCH 21, 2021 – I almost feel sorry for Erin O’Toole today. I say almost because it was his political organization and his staff’s work on the policy convention that has pretty much handed him a loss in the next election. Losing the fight for pro-O’Toole delegates at the ridingContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 18, 2021 – In the midst of a deadly pandemic and with a risk of a third wave plus a botched vaccination plan by the Trudeau Liberals, who would have guessed that the most important question facing the nation yesterday was the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank? That is correctContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 – No matter how Trudeau tries to spin things, present day life in Canada will not return to anything resembling normal until Canadians get their vaccination shots. We have seniors dying in long term care homes because we don’t have the vaccines. People over 60 are atContinue Reading

JANUARY 30, 2012 – Today Trudeau is saying “For almost a year, Canada’s borders have been closed to foreign travelers.” That is pretty rich, he either believes his own manufactured Liberal spin or he is a blatant liar. Take your pick, neither shows well on a Prime Minister in aContinue Reading

JANUARY 24, 2021 – Anyone following the tragic deaths in our long-term care homes knows that this sector of our province has been largely ignored over time by both the present Ontario government and previous ones. Out of sight out of mind would be a good description- until of courseContinue Reading

JANUARY 21, 2021 – Derek Sloan was finally kicked out of the Conservative caucus today. Whether he was guilty or not of knowingly accepting a donation from Fromm one can argue from now to eternity. But, no one should be surprised he was kicked out; it was long overdue. HisContinue Reading

JANUARY 2, 2021 – Stupidity seems to have infected the political class including- MLA’s, ministers, and political staff. What do they NOT get about restricting travel during the COVID pandemic, especially in provinces with a lock down in place? It is pretty simple- when the health advice on federal andContinue Reading

AUGUST 1, 2020 – Well the halls of Parliament or at least the video airways reverberated with great sound bites as Trudeau testified on WE or shall we call it the WE scandal. Now let us be clear, Trudeau did not save himself- he just managed to survive. The realContinue Reading

JULY 24, 2020 – As I write this, Bill Morneau still has a job. While it is hard to imagine that anyone feels this finance minister should still be a cabinet minister, his arrogance is keeping him in the job. Do not count on Trudeau who suffers similar ethical lapsesContinue Reading

JULY 20, 2020 – The WE controversy continues to build and get more interesting every day. It is not going away. Day after day we see one more item coming to the surface which makes the Trudeau deal with WE look more suspicious. From internal financial issues with WE andContinue Reading

JULY 14, 2020 – Trudeau has apologized again for another ethical mess of his own making. He played his part well staring into the camera, voice soft and low, looking contrite etc. You have to give him high marks for his performance and it certainly took over the daily newsContinue Reading

JULY 11, 2020 – The WE scandal continues to gain momentum with each passing day. What first looked like a case of bad judgement has turned into claims of cronyism, ethics violations, an ethics investigation and now demands for a criminal investigation. The bigger issue is that Trudeau just shrugsContinue Reading

It appears the Trudeau-WE Charity story has legs. Anyone with a background in politics could see there was an issue here and a lot of unanswered questions. The big surprise, unless they were blinded by their own arrogance was that PMO and the PM didn’t see they were going toContinue Reading

Well, the Prime Minister feels that no other organization other than WE CHARITY (which his wife Sophie is an ambassador for and supports) was capable of looking after the Canada Student Service Grant “The WE organization is the only organization in Canada that has the scale and the ability toContinue Reading

Today is Vimy Ridge Day, a day to remember the sacrifices made by Canadians and Canada in World War One. For most Canadians it is just another day, many would have a hard time telling you what it was about and I daresay few know the horrific number of youngContinue Reading

Well the Tory leadership race is off and running. Really only two serious contenders at this point. Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole have entered the contest plus a few of the “Who Are They?” Still plenty of time for some hard-right candidate or someone representing the Social Conservative movement toContinue Reading

The Conservative leadership race is off and running. More like a pegged-legged sailor than a sprinter, but at least they are moving. The party is carrying a lot of negative baggage from the 2019 campaign. It will have to do a damn good job of persuading Canadians that they representContinue Reading

If you love comedy you will enjoy following the Conservative Party after they lost the 2019 election. Over decades of working with and for them, I often heard them say how the country should be run more like a business. Well they can’t even run their own party and ifContinue Reading