SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 – Another Cornwall Ontario school has announced a Covid outbreak. The city allowed an unmasked anti-vax rally in front of the hospital on September 4th which has led to community spread. Parents have also stated their concerns on social media about schools shared busing of their children.Continue Reading

AUGUST 25, 2021 – It’s always bewildering to see how ignorant and petty some of the political classes can be. Or why those with the thinnest skin are attracted to politics? I mean, if you can’t take legitimate criticism or questions from the media perhaps politics isn’t for you? CFN,Continue Reading

AUGUST 4, 2021 – Was Frank on a beer run to Rivière-Beaudette? SD&G OPP have confirmed that the SQ reached out to them regarding Mr. Prevost who is facing charges of a sexual nature against minors. He was said to be charged with breach, and a court date scheduled forContinue Reading

July 13, 2021 – When you run your business like crap and there’s a nearby option it should be no surprise when people flock to it. Several developers, small and large, spoke with CFN. They shared horror stories and some laughed at the thought of doing business in Cornwall. HighContinue Reading

July 9, 2021 – Cornwall is a scary place. It’s upside down and the very worst of human qualities seem to float to the top. In this case an old foul mouthed corrupt red neck named Glen Grant has been appointed as mayor for nearly half a term by hisContinue Reading

JUNE 28, 2021 – You just can’t fix Cornwall stupid. It’s truly societal. On the one hand you have one of the most corrupt and incompetent Politicians and Lawyers in Canadian history being made a Senator. (Could you imagine if someone was given a plum gig because they were aContinue Reading

MAY 28, 2021 – Having personally seen how bad the level of injustice is led by corruption and incompetence in Eastern Ontario, and watched a case with Judge Deborah Kinsella allowing a senior mentally delayed man to be violated by a crown and nearly end up in jail for aContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – CFN collates Covid-19 info on our main facebook page. As many know, yours truly has been focused on Covid since December 2019 and trying, many times facing abuse, to get authorities and stores in Cornwall to take the Pandemic seriously. Many times it feels like Noah’sContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 13, 2021 – Being an Independent media outlet is a challenge. It was before Covid-19, but during the pandemic many media outlets have been decimated with thousands of journalists and broadcasters losing their jobs. CFN is on life support. It has been in the red now for several yearsContinue Reading

January 2, 2021 – Trickles of information is coming in as to why both Cornwall Ontario McDonalds locations are closed as of 8PM Saturday January 2, 2021 with people stating that the 13th Street location had a Covid case. The same location has previously had at least one Covid caseContinue Reading

Dear Editor, “Facemasks don’t work; they do nothing”… according to a Walmart security person on duty at the Ninth Street Walmart store in Cornwall, Ontario, on Friday afternoon, December 18th 2020. This alternate fact was shared by a Walmart contracted security person while he intervened in a verbal exchange betweenContinue Reading

December 6, 2020 – While there’s an internal struggle between sides who want Chief Danny Aikman to stay for a few more years and gender politics led by Mayor Clement pushing for Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart to take over, the simply reality is that the CPS is an expensive baubleContinue Reading

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 – It’s great to be able to use tax money to promote your causes. It’s one of the perks of getting elected. However in 2020 we’re in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19. While Cornwall has either been really lucky with low case numbers, orContinue Reading

JUNE 7. 2020 – Like a bad horror movie we are seeing political hypocrites put the health and safety of this community in peril. COVID 19 still has no true treatment and no cure. There is no vaccine for it. Cornwall is a city where if you end up inContinue Reading

APRIL 20, 2020 – It’s boggling that an entity that is supposed to serve public health is boycotting this newspaper and refusing to release info that supposedly is meant to save and protect lives. That’s exactly what Dr. Paul Roumeliotis is doing. While many can understand that people don’t likeContinue Reading

The problem with voting people in like Bernadette Clement, Elaine Macdonald, and Maurice Dupelle is that you gradually kill your community. A few years ago they started to kill off yard sales by putting in a yearly limit. Now they’ve eliminated them citing COVID 19 as a reason. Mayor ClementContinue Reading

A package with a glossy card, and other objects has been arriving all around Cornwall inviting the public to attend a church gathering at Aultstille Theatre (approximately 700 seats) for April 10, 2020. This would appear to be in violation of Ontario Emergency orders. We will update as more informationContinue Reading

In a sad tragic bad movie; tonight’s session of Council was a pathetic mess showing how truly lacking in leadership and vision our elected council are. If you’re depending on Dr. Paul to save you, you’re in big trouble. In the video of the session tonight you can hear theContinue Reading

While the world is shutting down and encouraging gatherings of less than 5 people only and well spaced, here in Cornwall Ontario, in spite of a high level of seniors and those with morbidity, which means higher treatment and death rates for COVID 19 Coronavirus victims, the Bingo Hall onlyContinue Reading

Mamma Mia where is our mayor and her social media post writer? Flipper Clement makes a lot of noise, but she has failed this community during this crisis. First there was the NAVCANADA fiasco, and then her perpetual petty unprofessional attack on CFN viewers by refusing to issue information toContinue Reading

Dear Editor, From shortly after midnight, and into the early hours of March 6, 2020, the Diamond Princess evacuees hope to leave the Cornwall Nav Centre quarantine facility and take back their lives. And if we’ve dodged a bullet, it’s chiefly because nobody was infected to start with, and itContinue Reading

One of the hardest things is to cover a story like the Covid 19 Coronavirus. At stake is public safety and health which is why one would have to ask why NAVCANADA, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and Mayor Clement & the City of Cornwall Ontario are refusing to answerContinue Reading

As some know in this world sometimes you have to hold people accountable. Thus I issued defamation lawsuits against Randy Sauve & UCDSB teacher Tracy Champagne for publishing that I write “Fake” or “Fabricated” news. To be clear, any delays in the Randy Sauve lawsuit are directly a responsibility ofContinue Reading

I swear you can’t make up this utter and complete waste of money. The Bank of Montreal building is not a former theatre. It does not have parking. It will take millions of dollars to create a black box theatre that will be a white elephant in a community thatContinue Reading

Sources shared that after a delay the flight from Japan carrying Canadians who were quarantined on the Diamond Princess are on their way home; or at least to Trenton. The passengers left at 3:10 JST and are scheduled to arrive at 00:16 (Feb 20) The Boeing 737-200 will be flyingContinue Reading

Because of a lack of clear information and what is happening to other members of the ship and the risk of this new and unknown virus we the undersigned at the Government of Canada to place those returning to Canada in secure facilities such as the Air Force Base inContinue Reading

Government of Canada evacuating Canadians on board Diamond Princess cruise ship to the NAV Centre On February 15, the federal government announced that Global Affairs Canada has chartered a plane to repatriate Canadians on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan. Before leaving Japan, passengers will beContinue Reading

CFN has some amazing viewers. This was submitted today and already sent to council. If you don’t want NAV to be used as a Quarantine site please email council as well as our MPP and MP. Please copy and paste this letter and fill their in boxes! jim.mcdonell@pc.ola.orgContinue Reading

With news of the Canadian Government sending Princess Diamond Cruise ship victims of the COVID-19 to NAV CAN in Cornwall Ontario; a non secure facility near the US border and close to Montreal and Ottawa, sources are saying that they have already had a Virus Scare. The Eastern Ontario HeathContinue Reading

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( represents journalist Andrew Lawton and True North Centre for Public Policy (True North) as they continue their challenge of the Federal Leaders’ Debates Commission’s last minute decision to deny True North its media accreditation for the election debate last October. The Commission informed True North on FridayContinue Reading

Alan Hale put his time here in Cornwall and is getting a bump up to Kingston. CFN wishes him the best. It’s good to see a hard working journalist get rewarded for their work. Behind the buzz, was that after the National Post fiasco that saw Editor Hugo Rodrigues publishContinue Reading

Editor’s Note. Mike was born in Cornwall. Went off for his career, and attempted to retire to Cornwall having purchased a home in Riverdale. Hi Jamie. I thought I should make it official for you. I am no longer a resident of Cornwall. Before I trash them I should giveContinue Reading

Water Meters: OK what makes Cornwall so unique to have one of the highest water consumption per capita in all of Canada (ref.: Based on the city’s research, people across Canada use about 250 liters of water per person per day while in Cornwall it’s about 450 liters.”). How wasContinue Reading