September 10, 2021 – Did you watch the debate? All of it? Did you watch the French debates? Do you think anything in the debate really can change the final vote results? These are questions asked every election. But my job as a journalist is to watch the silly things.Continue Reading

September 5, 2021 – I, like many of you reading this, was outraged by the selfish, ignorant, and frankly criminal acts of anti vax, anti mask, anti brain #covidiots protesting at hospitals here in Canada. The irony that these people, when they catch Covid and the unvaccinated, are those needingContinue Reading

AUGUST 25, 2021 – It’s always bewildering to see how ignorant and petty some of the political classes can be. Or why those with the thinnest skin are attracted to politics? I mean, if you can’t take legitimate criticism or questions from the media perhaps politics isn’t for you? CFN,Continue Reading

AUGUST 14, 2021 – One wonders what the Erin O’Toole team is thinking as it faces destruction in a Federal election that’s expected to be called Sunday? A recent attack ad that looked like something a stoner would put together on tik tok may in fact have broken copyright lawsContinue Reading

AUGUST 4, 2021 – Was Frank on a beer run to Rivière-Beaudette? SD&G OPP have confirmed that the SQ reached out to them regarding Mr. Prevost who is facing charges of a sexual nature against minors. He was said to be charged with breach, and a court date scheduled forContinue Reading

July 13, 2021 – When you run your business like crap and there’s a nearby option it should be no surprise when people flock to it. Several developers, small and large, spoke with CFN. They shared horror stories and some laughed at the thought of doing business in Cornwall. HighContinue Reading

July 9, 2021 – Cornwall is a scary place. It’s upside down and the very worst of human qualities seem to float to the top. In this case an old foul mouthed corrupt red neck named Glen Grant has been appointed as mayor for nearly half a term by hisContinue Reading

JUNE 9, 2021 – Good ol Cornwall where the alleged child lurving freaks get voted in as Warden of the Counties and Mayor! South Glengarry has a long and storied history of abuse and corruption, but it appears that Mayor Frank Prevost who doesn’t even live in South Glengarry, butContinue Reading

MAY 6, 2021 – You can’t fight City Hall it appears. No surprises as Cornwall Police Service Chief Danny Aikman announced his retirement after only a few years as police chief. The push by the Mayor’s camp for Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart to get the top seat was much discussedContinue Reading

APRIL 6, 2021 – A wave of teachers walking from schools as they push for vaccines seems to be have hit Cornwall. Principal Jennifer Perry cites a staff shortage while claiming that there is only one case in the school. According to the letter in person learning is scheduled toContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – Cheese maker St. Albert’s Cheese has been confirmed 3 cases of Covid-19 of its staff who are being tested. The facility is closed until Saturday according to their social media release. “The St-Albert Cheese Coop has had 3 confirmed cases of Covid-19. In conjunction with publicContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 24, 2021 – When you’ve watched and worked in hockey as long as yours truly has you develop instincts. My instinct since very early of Carey Price’s career is that he would never win in Montreal. Carey is a great goalie, but to win in Montreal you need toContinue Reading

JANUARY 28, 2021 – A frustrated former Olymel worker shared a letter dated January 21, 2021 which confirms the Company which has over 15,000 workers across Canada paid a ransom after being hacked. An Olymel rep confirmed to CFN that the letter, signed by Martin Juneau, was legit. While theContinue Reading

JANUARY 27, 2021 – SD&G area Paralegal James Moak of has been nominated for the inaugural Paralegal award by the Carleton County Law Association. (CCLA) Mr. Moak has been very busy, even through this pandemic, as his Kingston and Ottawa offices have been expanding. He also spearheaded what isContinue Reading

DECEMBER 5, 2020 – Anti Mask advocate & #covidiot Randy Hillier, sitting MPP of Perth, was steaming after his son was tasered by OPP in an infraction regarding the wearing of masks in a local pup in Perth. From the OPP TWO CHARGED AFTER DISTURBANCE IN DOWNTOWN PERTH (PERTH, ON) –Continue Reading

NOVEMBER 21, 2020 – What a great town for really ignorant #covidiots to hold a rally. And hey, bring the kids and dogs, and don’t forget to go full Trump and leave them ol masks at home. You can’t make this up. No warnings issued by the EOHU, or theContinue Reading


NOVEMBER 13, 2020 – As we see COVID-19 numbers starting to spike with a long Winter ahead it’s time for the Ford Government to truly govern this pandemic. Some problems you can write a cheque to fix. Healthcare staff are limited. We only have so many and can only addContinue Reading

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 – Walmart reached out to CFN via email and confirmed a second case of COVID 19 at their distribution centre. “An associate from our Cornwall Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) has recently tested positive for COVID-19. We’re keeping the associate in our thoughts and wish them a speedyContinue Reading

AUGUST 8, 2020 – Area Home Inspector Brian Schofield is a happy and lucky man. His wife Donna survived a brutal case of COVID 19 that most people would have succumbed to. The registered nurse survived and now faces a long recovery, but for today she gets to be withContinue Reading

Not sure what’s wrong with people in this world. The person who did this probably doesn’t wear masks during Covid either. Thanks to a good Samaritan Cornwall Police were called after the owners were confronted. Cornwall Police stated to CFN that the report has been made and that no chargeContinue Reading

Reports are flooding CFN of people who have been tested for COVID 19 in the Cornwall area and in quarantine, but with no results. Initially promised results in 2-4 days, some have said that they’ve now waited TEN days without a result. Nurses have told those tested that even ifContinue Reading

A frightened worker emailed in to CFN asking about public spacing. Reports are that this being cheque day lines like the one in this photo are occurring at the CIBC too, and other banks. A call to the CPS echoed that public distancing at this time is important. TD mediaContinue Reading

If you are providing services during this crisis or just need the word spread email us today at and we’ll do our part to help you do our part. Delivery service? Community service? Public notices? Online? Please remember that CFN is a lot more than Cornwall. Our large audiencesContinue Reading

I’ve been working on this for nearly two weeks as more info and developments keep occurring. As many who have been following this pandemic know it’s evolving and spreading with confirmed cases as close as Montreal. The biggest hurdle for public safety is that people don’t have to be exhibitingContinue Reading

One of the hardest things is to cover a story like the Covid 19 Coronavirus. At stake is public safety and health which is why one would have to ask why NAVCANADA, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and Mayor Clement & the City of Cornwall Ontario are refusing to answerContinue Reading

-UPDATE #1- PROTEST ACTIVITY IN ONTARIO 10 Individuals Arrested and Charged  (SMITHS FALLS, ON) – On February 24, 2020, shortly after 8:00 a.m., the OPP notified demonstrators near Tyendinaga that an injunction regarding barriers to the rail line would be enforced. Demonstrators were encouraged to leave the site and advised thatContinue Reading

Government of Canada evacuating Canadians on board Diamond Princess cruise ship to the NAV Centre On February 15, the federal government announced that Global Affairs Canada has chartered a plane to repatriate Canadians on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan. Before leaving Japan, passengers will beContinue Reading

CFN has some amazing viewers. This was submitted today and already sent to council. If you don’t want NAV to be used as a Quarantine site please email council as well as our MPP and MP. Please copy and paste this letter and fill their in boxes! jim.mcdonell@pc.ola.orgContinue Reading

By Jamie Gilcig: Where to we start? Coronovirus is scaring the world. With over 70,000 victims of the flu we are just learning about it. For example when SARS hit it was discovered that drain pipes in apartment complexes played a role in the contagion spreading. Moving victims to BasesContinue Reading

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( represents journalist Andrew Lawton and True North Centre for Public Policy (True North) as they continue their challenge of the Federal Leaders’ Debates Commission’s last minute decision to deny True North its media accreditation for the election debate last October. The Commission informed True North on FridayContinue Reading

Sitting and prepping Monday’s news there was a loud rumbling here in Downtown Cornwall. Sure enough there was another nearby earthquake! Did you feel it? Magnitude mb 3.4 Region NEW YORK Date time 2020-01-13 10:37:59.2 UTC Location 44.99 N ; 73.97 W Depth 5 km Distances 65 km SW ofContinue Reading

It’s that time of the year. It’s interesting. The EOHU has changed its access to information about food inspections. There also seem to be less of them. Is one inspection(not counting direct follow ups) enough? Also, just because an eatery has a Green Pass sticker doesn’t mean that all areContinue Reading

The most stunning thing about Cornwall Politics is that the sheep are stunningly silent until it’s too late. Facing an anticipated 7% tax rate hike, city management and council have been flirting and floating having “Smart Water Meters” for the approximately 16,000 buildings in Cornwall. The basic argument for suchContinue Reading