SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 – Another Cornwall Ontario school has announced a Covid outbreak. The city allowed an unmasked anti-vax rally in front of the hospital on September 4th which has led to community spread. Parents have also stated their concerns on social media about schools shared busing of their children.Continue Reading

APRIL 8, 2021 – CFN just received a copy of a letter sent to parents by the EOHU stating that there are now 3 cases confirmed at Bridgewood Public School in Cornwall Ontario. The release does not confirm whether it’s students or staff with Covid-19. CFN wishes those afflicted aContinue Reading

OCTOBER 22, 2020 – Bewildered. Many in Cornwall are confused, afraid, and angry as information trickles out about the first confirmed school and daycare outbreaks of COVID in Cornwall. If you go to the EOHU social media channels, at least as of publication time, nary a word or release aboutContinue Reading